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For many years, Clean Cells is an active member of the biotechnology industry by being involved in numerous organizations.


Logo of the cluster Atlanpole Biotherapies.

Clean Cells is an active member, since its creation in 2000, of the centre excellence, Atlanpole Biotherapy, which regroups the abilities of the laboratories, platforms and businesses for a complete service, public/private, knowledgeable and competitive, following through the development of the bio-therapeutic product, right from the target discovery through to its clinical evaluation.
Olivier BOISTEAU, president of Clean Cells, is a member of the administration board, contributes, his support and expertise as president  ” Regenerative medicine” centre.

Logo LEEM organization

Research, development, production…   biotherapeutic medicine would not exist, without a strong industry which brings its products to fruition. The Biopharmacutical companies, which operate in France, are grouped together under the same organisation:   Leem.
The President of Clean Cells, Olivier Boisteau is a member of the board of the Biotech Committee, in charge of support and development of biotechnology companies.
Since 2004, Clean Cells brings its solid support, and participates actively with” the Think tank” dedicated to Bio-Production.

Logo of the corporate foundation Progreffe.

Since 1993, the Fondation Progreffe,  which is a group of sponsors, which support financially the research carried out in Nantes, in the field of renal and pancreatic transplantation.
In 2008, Clean Cells joined them, by supporting financially the actions of the Fondation and their medical teams, in their research into organ transplantation and cell therapy, through  the sponsor system.

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