Virus Banking & Storage

Virus Banking and Storage

Virus Banking and Storage service encompasses or total externalisation of the production of your virus banks (MVSS, WVSS) in a secured and monitored environment, as well controlled storage of these banks at -80°C.

Our expertises

  • Manufacturing of research virus banks
  • Manufacturing of GMP MVSS/WVSS
  • Banking (dedicated, secured) with monitoring

Our resources

Human resources

A team of experts is entirely dedicated to the production of viral banks (qualified and experienced technicians).

Our engagement is to be close to our clients right from the drafting of the product batch record, and the manufacture timetable, just until the batch release by our Qualified Person.

A communication and a technical and scientific support, on a human scale.

Respect of the confidentiality of the projects.

Technical resources

Virology laboratory BSL2 and BSL3

GMP production carried out in campaign

Rigourous environmental monitoring

Specific & dedicated Equipment

Production & storage facilities are limited and controlled

Monitoring of installation

Our differences

Reactivity & Adaptability

Tailored management of your production to meet your timeline.


Batch record to each bank.


Regular contact with the client all along the production.

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