Clean Cells has worked for several years to implement GMP standards for the manufacture and quality control testing of bacteriophage cocktails and their in-process material notably through the involvement in the Phagoburn consortium.

In this context, our company is in a preferential position to propose relevant services for the generation of all the material needed to manufacture a safe phage-based product:

  • Microbial cell banks (R&D grade, GMP grade)
  • Phage stocks (R&D grade, GMP grade)
  • Drug substance (single phage)
  • Drug product (phage cocktail)

Bacteriophage manufacturing activities occur in a GMP-qualified grade “A in C” room and are supported by a strict environmental monitoring and validated cleaning procedures.

GMP-compliant storage and QC testing can be proposed in association with banking.

Please do not hesitate to reach out to our team to evaluate your bacteriophage-related project