ManufacturingMicrobial Cells Bank

Microbial cell banks generated in a GMP environment for the manufacture of biologics and starting material

Our company has long specialized in microbial cell culture, particularly through our involvement in bacteriophage development and manufacturing. This experience in a GMP context included the design and optimization of processes to produce microbial cell banks.

This expertise is now deployed to meet cell banking needs relating to the generation of biologics and starting material for R&D and GMP purposes. These substrates may be used to produce bacteriophages, plasmids, and recombinant proteins.

Validated cleaning procedures and stringent environmental control provides a fully secured environment to accommodate microbial cell bank generation.

A comprehensive portfolio of quality control and biosafety assays supports manufacturing activities and offers ready-to-use cell banks for the chosen purpose.

Our laboratories also include units for long-term storage in GMP or non-GMP environments.

Our microbial cell banking capacity includes :

  • Suspension cell cultures : erlen flasks or bioreactor
  • Manual filling
  • Controlled-rate freezing available
  • Up to 600 vials

Please reach out to the team for additional information or to discuss bespoke assay development.