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Webinar – Cell based therapeutic product: cytogenetic challenges and solutions

Is your cell product free from genetic abnormalities?

Our next webinar will touch on genetic safety using Karyology and FISH analysis in compliance with regulation regarding cells based products for multiple applications such as gene modified cell therapy. It will gather our cytogenetic expert, the Dr. Vasileios N. Georgakakos joined by our business developer Aymeric Huguenot, on the 17th of June at 4PM.

The quarterly scientific journal

Clean Mails

Here is the third edition of our quarterly Clean Mails newsletter, having as main subject: Our services in animal health. To read about this and find out Clean Cells and Naobios’ news or to receive our next editions, click here

Purification of therapeutic bacteriophages

Endotoxin (LPS) removal

Our phage therapy department investigated three chromatography systems featuring a flowthrough mode to compare performances when carrying out purification of therapeutic bacteriophages through endotoxin removal (also known as LPS removal). Our process development team hereby strengthens their knowledge of GMP-compatible processes for application to various industrial scales

Webinar in association with Polepharma

« Vaccine: Biomanufacturing and quality control testing challenges »

The theme of this new webinar will be « Vaccine: Biomanufacturing and quality control testing challenges » and will take place on 27th May 2021, in association with POLEPHARMA.

Our last webinar is now available for replay!

« Bioprocess development challenges: microcarrier process development and scale up ».

You will find below the youtube link to our latest webinar "Bioprocess development challenges: microcarrier based process development and scale up" co-hosted by Luis RAIADO and Juliette AMBROSINI. An opportunity to watch and share the online event from 15 April!

Bioprocess development webinar

Tackling challenges in Development and scale-up of Virus and Vaccine Manufacturing Processes using microcarriers.

Save the date, our sister company’s next webinar will take place on April 15th! Join Luís Raiado and Juliette Ambrosini next month for a brand-new edition tackling challenges posed by microcarrier-based processes in bioprocess development and scale-up.

Our next meetings

In March, our team will attend :

In March, the Clean Cells' Team will be attending at French Biosafety Testing Days and Bio-Europe Spring.

Clean Biologics reinforces its management team and appoints Joseph Jammal as CEO

Following the acquisition of Naobios and the merger with Clean Cells, Clean Biologics has decided to reinforce its management team in order to drive the group through its ambitious growth plan.