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Viral seed stocks

Viral seed stocks are a key element to biopharma manufacturing and are used, inter alia, to generate vaccines, oncolytic viruses, and gene therapy products.

Our laboratories accommodate projects at research and pre-clinical stages (R&D) or clinical and commercial stages, the latter two being supported by a “Good Manufacturing Practice” (GMP) environment.

Our quality control and in vitro adventitious contaminant testing experience has offered us a unique insight into hundreds of different viruses and helps us determine the best manner to optimise bioprocesses involved in Master or Working Virus Seed Stocks (MVSS, WVSS) banking.

Clean Cells also provides full GMP-compliant characterization services for seed stocks, supported by a long-standing expertise and a broad portfolio of assays, thus providing ready-to-used virus banks to customers.

Our sister company Naobios, part of the Clean Biologics group, is also able to help sponsors generate GMP-compliant drug substances used in clinical contexts from these viral seed stocks.

Facilities are subject to stringent environmental control and validated cleaning procedures.

These viral stocks may be accommodated for long-term storage in GMP or non-GMP setups.

  • Wide expertise with a variety of viruses: Vaccinia, Enterovirus, Coxsackievirus, Dengue, Rubella, Measles, Influenza, Adenovirus…
  • BSL-2 environment.
  • Full QC testing available
  • Storage options available
  • Up to 600 vials

Please reach out to the team for additional information or to discuss bespoke development.


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