StorageSecure storage

Clean Cells, a GMP-licensed pharmaceutical company, benefits from more than 20 years of storage experience which includes dozens of projects with sponsors for short, middle, and long-term preservation of reagents, starting material and biological material of cellular and viral origins.

Our company is a leader in cell eukaryotic and virus banking and GMP-compliant quality control testing, two activities that have spontaneously led us to developing storage capacities within secure and monitored laboratories and in GMP and non-GMP environments.

Our facilities accommodate various biological substances, graded BSL-1 to BSL-3 (for “Biosafety Level”), GMO (Genetically Modified Organisms) and has experience handling very sensitive material.

Our specifications

Our metrology group performs full qualification of equipment prior to storing a variety of biological products. Various options are made available to sponsors.

Storage of eukaryotic material : liquid nitrogen (LN2) and freezer (<-150°C)

Preservation of eukaryotic cells requires exceptionally low temperatures (below -145°C) reached with ultra-low temperature freezers or tanks supplied with liquid nitrogen (or in liquid or vapor phases).

Our LN2 storage specifications and options include:

  • Pharmaceutical grade nitrogen (liquid or vapor-phase);
  • Tank: dedicated or shared (with individualized cryoboxes);
  • Temperature monitoring : automatic;
  • LN2 level monitoring: manual or automatic;
  • Moniroting : 24/7
  • LN2 filling: manual ou semi-automatic;
  • Back-up system

Our ultra-low freezer-based storage offer includes the following characteristics:

  • Storage of large and unconventional containers
  • Continuous temperature monitoring
  • Back-up generator
  • Monitoring : 24/7

Storage of viral and prokaryotic material : -80°C freezers

Virus and procaryotic cells do not require temperatures as low as those required for eukaryotic cells. They are thus stored in freezers reaching -80°C with the following environment specifications and options:

  • Storage: shared (individualized cryoboxes) with on-demand shelf reservation
  • Continuous temperature monitoring
  • Monitoring: 24/7
  • Back-up system (freezer and generator)

Storage of reagents: -20°C and +4°C

Precious reagents, reagents with a short shelf-life or used in production in our laboratories can be subject to specific storage within -20°C or +4°C areas.

GMP environment

Clean Cells provides a “Good Manufacturing Practice” (GMP) environment which ensures high safety for biological and non-biological material stored with our facilities and increased traceability. Specifications include:

  • Increased qualification and monitoring of storage, secure containment
    • Continuous LN2 control (upon request)
  • Enhanced documentation management
  • Reporting (upon request)
  • Safety optimization via segregation of samples into two freezers or two tanks
  • Increased quality control testing on incoming biological material
  • Reinforced management of shipment
    • Carrier: selection and qualification
    • Addition of probes