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Mission and values

Since our creation, we have always aimed at providing the biopharmaceutical industry with innovative solutions in order to take part in the development of new therapies. Individuals are at the heart of our considerations and our projects; our customers, our providers, our partners and our own team are all given a particular attention. Trust and benevolence are Clean Cells’ core values and we endeavor to apply them in all circumstances. After 18 years working for the enhanced safety of biologics and building our team’s expertise, Clean Cells is now using the momentum to establish itself as a CDMO for innovative therapies.
Our goal remains the same: do our part in patients’ well-being.

Olivier Boisteau, Co-founder at Clean Cells

140customers around the world
+6000analysis per year

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Clean Biologics was born in 2018 from a fruitful alliance between Clean Cells and Archimed. Through this partnership, the group soon acquired and integrated CDMO Naobios to extend the service offer and to promote our future-oriented thinking. The expertise, transparency, progress and a human-centred view are at the core of our identity. Day after day, we use our knowledge and our skills to deliver high-quality services in innovative projects with an unwavering dynamism and commitment.