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BE Vaccines is now NAOBIOS

After joining Clean Cells on March 1st, 2019, BE Vaccines has been renamed NAOBIOS.

Created originally by the Valneva Group (ex-Vivalis) in 2005, then taken over by the Indian company Biological E in 2013 with the aim of stepping up the technical development of viral vaccines, BE VACCINES joined CLEAN CELLS on March 1st, 2019. In so doing, it has further expanded its specialist knowledge with the introduction of process development and virus production under GMP conditions applicable to viral vaccine and oncolytic virus development.

New challenges, a new identity!

Although BE Vaccines will continue its current business supported by its 45 specialised employees, recognised know-how, processes and facilities, the company needed to change its name to mark its separation from Biological E (or BE), add fresh impetus and turn a new page in its history.

Its new name is NAOBIOS.

This is a neologism created by combining the words “NAO” (now) and “BIOS” (life, in the biological sense). It is a name that conveys meaning and values, synonymous with use of innovation for the purpose of developing the medicines of the future.

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