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Boost Your Brain

Clean Cells launches Boost Your Brain

First Edition

Friday 17 Nov was the kick-off meeting of our newest event : “Boost your Brain”. These recurring internal sessions aim at providing information to our personnel about diverse topics concerning the biopharmaceutical field by inviting recognized scientific experts.

For this first edition, Pr Jean-Hugues Trouvin (Professor of Pharmacy and former director of the biological products evaluation at the AFSSAPS 1) gave a comprehensive presentation about Advanced Therapy Medicinal Products (ATMPs) and current strategies to ensure their quality, efficacy and safety.

1 Former name of the ANSM, the french medicine regulatory agency

About Pr Jean-Hugues Trouvin:


Pr Jean-Hugues Trouvin, Professor of PharmacyOlivier Boisteau, cofounder of Clean Cells and President, Pr Jean-Hugues Trouvin, Séverine Blondeleau, Senior business developer and Marc Meichenin, cofounder of Clean Cells and CSO