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With a view to stay as close and transparent as possible with its customers, partners, networks and suppliers, Clean Cells is doing every to propose solutions that allow them to follow daily its activities. This is the reason why, one year after having completely rebuilt its web site, Clean Cells offer you the possibility to stay connected through its newsletter, a quarterly media full of information.

Easy to read, the newsletter is composed of 4 sections:

  • A front page that obviously will deal with the current hot topic.
  • A section “Activities” that will allow you to learn and better understand our way to work and how we evolve.
  • A section “Partnership & Territory” presenting our commitments towards the causes we supported.
  • A section “Events” giving you the dates to remind/remember for the coming quarter / current quarter.

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We hope you will enjoy your reading and we invite you to contact us for feelings or comments’ feedback.

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