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Clean Cells Tunes into Gene Therapy

Undisputable key player and one of the leaders in characterization and biosafety of medicinal products for the European market, Clean Cells expands its service portfolio by tuning into gene therapy products since the beginning of 2015.

Since almost two decades, Clean Cells offers a wide range of generic tests to characterize and ensure the safety of biological products notably gene therapy products such as lentiviral and AAV-based vectors (identity testing, sterility testing, adventitious agents detection etc.). Today, Clean Cells opens up new horizons in committing into the full accompanying of gene therapy projects holders. Indeed, Clean Cells henceforth offers a panel of specific tests needed for gene therapy product development and required for conducting clinical trials such as the detection of replication-competent particles and the dosage of physical, infectious and functional particles. The company has strengthened its’ team by recruiting Dr. Xavier Leclerc, a qualified geneticist with more than ten years experience  within recognized academic and industrial organizations in the field of gene therapy and genome modification. Dr. Leclerc unites the expertise and resources of Clean Cells to provide a broad and personalized support to gene therapy stakeholders for quality control of the gene transfer tools as well as the modified biological materials entering into gene therapy or immunotherapy protocols and bioproduction processes. Nowadays, many biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies trust in Clean Cells’ expertise and reputability to develop and implement routine tests that are mandatory to conduct clinical trials. This commitment positions Clean Cells firmly in the field of gene therapy, genome editing and personalized medicine to become a CRO fully dedicated to ensure the biosafety of advanced therapeutic medicinal products. Also, Clean Cells engages towards GMP production of viral vectors. Thus, with a full GMP accredited status, Clean Cells offers a complete range of services from manufacturing to final product characterization.

Xavier Leclerc

To learn more about our services, please contact Dr. Xavier Leclerc at +33 2 51 09 27 57 or by email, or visit us at:

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