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BSL3 GMP manufacturing suite – Naobios

  • BPF
  • BSL3
  • GMP
  • manufacturing
  • Naobios

Our team at Naobios has qualified a highly-secured BSL3 GMP manufacturing suite in our multipurpose facility to accommodate challenging GMP production projects involving viral vaccines, viral vectors and oncolytic viruses.

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Implementing digital PCR : a quality leap for the quantification of nucleic acids

  • analytical development
  • digital PCR
  • dPCR
  • PCR
  • QC
  • quality control

Our analytical development team has implemented an innovative digital PCR (dPCR) equipment for the development and validation of QC methods used on biopharmaceutical products in GMP and non-GMP setups.

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Our services for Animal Health

  • Animal Health
  • Biological starting matérial

Clean Cells has collaborated with the main stakeholders of Animal Health internationally for many years. Our company is widely recognized for its expertise by both the industry and the regulatory authorities. In this context, agencies have taken to Clean Cells to help them improve the regulatory framework relating to medicines for veterinary use. In this respect, Clean Cells will host a webinar at the end of this year delving into regulatory changes instated in Europe last year.

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Characterization of lentiviral vectors and RCL “pool” assay

  • Gene Therapy
  • lentiviral vectors
  • RCL Pool assay

Clean Cells has partnered with customers on numerous gene therapy testing projects, including dozens of lentiviral vectors and CAR-T products. The company has now developed and validated a novel method to streamline replication competent lentivirus testing under GMPs, known as the RCL “pool” assay.

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Innovations in cell and virus banking

Innovations in cell and virus banking

  • cells bank
  • virus bank

As part of Contract Development and Manufacturing activities, Clean Cells has been involved in dozens of GMP cell and virus banking projects for sponsors around the world. The banks have since been used for the manufacture of all types of biological products ranging from vaccines to gene therapies […]

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