Clean Cells’ history

About Clean Cells:

Clean Cells was created by three researchers, who were awarded the Aventis Foundation – “Institut de France” in 2000. By taking advantage of the growing market, this was the initiation of a platform of biological tests for safety testing. With traceability at the heart of our business, a quality approach was implemented in 2002 by ISO 9001 certification and in 2004, the company was inspected in 2004 by the National Agency of Drug Safety (ANSM) to become compliant according to Good Laboratory Practice (GLP). With a strong focus on business development and with the assistance of regional investors, Clean Cells grew steadily. This led to the opening of new production sites to become a pharmaceutical establishment in May 2014.

In recent years, Clean Cells continued its reputation and strengthened its position on the French market. In order to increase its international position, the founders created a business unit to forge new opportunities in Europe, the United States and Asia.

Today, Clean Cells offers a comprehensive service portfolio ranging from test for viral and biological safety of biopharmaceuticals, the production of cell and virus banks that are GMP grade and secure storage, as well as the production of experimental drugs such as cell therapy products and therapeutic phages. Clean Cells aims to become a major role in the development of new therapies to revolutionize personalized medicine.


Clean Cells through the years:

2016: Certification GMP – Official manufacturing certificate for investigational medicinal products.

2014/2015: Production of a biotherapeutic for clinical trials phase II

2014: Certification GMP – QC Activity.   Launch of 1st product, the Kit Mycogenus

May 2014: Opening of the Pharmaceutical facility

2013: Opening of an office in the US

2011: First GMP production

2010: Construction of 4 GMP production suites

2005: 200 catalog references developed by the R&D service
2004: GLP Compliance and opening of  P3 laboratory

2003: Capital increase and new strategic developments

2002: ISO 9001 certification

July 2000: Creation of Clean Cells in Vendée (Pays de la loire, France)

January 2000: Olivier Boisteau, Frédéric Henry and Marc Meichenin are lauréats of the Tremplins 2000 of the fondation Aventis-Institut of France

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