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ESGCT, Helsinki – Finland

ESGCT 2015

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Dr Arnold Van der Luit will be attending the ESGCT (European Society of Gene and Cell Therapy), from september 17th to 20th, 2015, in Helsinki, Finland.

Our experience on Cell and Gene therapy

Cellular Therapy: Today Clean cells has become a major player in the characterization and biosafety testing of cell therapy products. For the last 15 years, Clean Cells has been active in this field, and in particular with IDM Pharma, a known pioneer in this area. At present, Clean Cells accounts for more than 20 clients including Cell-for-Cure, I-stem, UTCG Nantes, Promethera, EFS, Cellectis, Cancer Vaccines, Celogos, Cell Factory, Masthercell, Tigenix, and Pervasis, and others.

Gene therapy: Since its creation, Clean Cells has actively been involved in biosafety testing during the development gene therapy with Généthon as one of its first customer. Clean Cells has developed specific tests with the laboratory of gene therapy in Nantes (Atlantic Bio GMP) and with Uniqure to develop specific tests of residual DNA in the development of AAV vectors. Other customers include Vibalogics, FinVector, GenIbet, and Transgene.

Regenerative Medicine: As active member of the cluster Atlanpôle Biotherapies, Clean Cells president, Olivier Boisteau is today the acting Vice President in charge of Regenerative Medicine.

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