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GMP cell banking: one-stop-shop solution to speed up your project.

Clean Cells uses its expertise to provide manufacturing, release, characterization and storage solutions for a wide variety of mammalian, avian and insect cell banks.

We offer an integrated solution through the production of GMP or non-GMP Master and Working cell banks as well as the generation of end of production cells, associated with extensive QC characterization and storage capacities in order to support your projects from bench to clinic.

Clean Cells has built this expertise for many years, generating BSL2 and BSL3 material in qualified laboratories thanks to highly trained teams and in association with sponsors of all sizes all around the world.

This webinar aims at showing Clean Cells’ CDMO capabilities while underlining our integrated one-stop-shop offer and hands-on experience.

Nos experts

Lucy Thulot accumulated more than 15 years of experience at Clean Cells during which she mastered a great set of cell and virus manufacturing methods. She started as Quality Control Technician and soon became Virology Technical Point of Contact. Following the creation of the Manufacturing department, she quickly moved to a position of Manufacturing Manager and soon took the lead of the department. Since 2019, she manages the manufactuging activities relating to starting material (cell and virus banks) further used in biopharmaceutical processes.



Gaëtan BLAIZE holds a PhD in Immunology and a Master’s degree in Management of the Pharmaceutical Industry. He accumulated 3 years of experience working for contractors of the biopharmaceutical industry. In August 2020, following two years as Business & Project Manager at the Biologics CDMO department of the Pierre Fabre group, he joined Clean Biologics as Business Development Manager to support the group development in France and Belgium.


We look forward to seeing you next 1st February at 4PM !
Follow the link to register to the event:  (recorded broadcast available for all registrants afterward)