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Our next meetings

In March, our team will attend :


  • Polepharma, « LES JOURNEES DU BIOTESTING » (biosafety testing days), 11-12 and 18-19 March 2021.

Clean Cells is a GOLD sponsor to the second edition of Polepharma’s “journées du biotesting” (biosafety testing days)

Gaëtan BLAIZE, business development manager, will be in attendance all month to discuss biosafety and quality control matters relating to biological products. He will also be available to discuss our offer in terms of biomanufacturing and testing of cell banks, virus banks and bacteriophages.


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Our experts will also attend:

  • Marc Meichenin, Chief Scientific Officer
  • Elodie Ribert, R&D Deputy Director – Analytical Development and Validation
  • Alexis Rossignol, Project Manager – Analytical Development and Validation

They will respectively host a panel discussion, a workshop and a conference.

Additional information on the agenda may be found here


  • BIO-EUROPE SPRING, 22-25 March 2021

Bio-Europe Spring 2021 will be digitally delivered from March 22–25, 2021. It is a great opportunity to meet Clean Cells and Naobios people through one-to-one meetings. Géraldine SICOT from Clean cells will be attended and available for deeper discussion about your biological product development: from process development and validation, quality control and GPM bank manufacturing, to biostorage and bioassays.


If you wish to receive additional information or book a meeting with Géraldine,
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Additional information on Bio-Europe Spring may be found here

See you soon at this events,

The Clean Cells’ Team