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PEGS, boston MA – USA

PEGS – The Essential Protein Engineering Summit

Clean Cells introduces a new bioassay to measure antibody specific effects

Join the presentation given by Dr. Rossignol – R&D project manager at Clean Cells during the PEGS summit in Boston on May 4-8, 2015 to discover a non-radioactive cytotoxicity potency assay (ADCC).


A novel cytotoxicity potency assay will be described, which combines the advantages of the chromium-release assay with a non-radioactive read-out. Unlike existent non-radioactive assays (LDH release, CD16 engagement, etc.), this new assay specifically measures the lysis of target cells while maintaining the performances (i.e. sensitivity, accuracy, precision) of the chromium-release method. This method has a greater potency in standardization of ADCC, CDC or apoptosis activity measurement and is compliant with regulatory requirements.

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